Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For those who've been to London and ridden on the Underground

She also has gigs for phone companies doing hold voices and "Press 1 for..." instructions. Emma Clarke's voice is well familiar to all of us who've travelled around the city.
Voice of the London Underground canned for blogging funny fake announcement audio - Boing Boing
The woman who reads the London Underground next stop announcements has been fired for keeping a blog where she records and posts her own funny fake announcements, like "We'd like to remind our American tourist friends that you are almost certainly talking too loud" and "Would the passenger in the red shirt pretending to read a paper, but is actually staring at that woman's chest, please stop. You are not fooling anyone. You filthy pervert" and "Residents of London are reminded that there are other places in Britain outside your stinking shithole of a city, and if you removed your heads from your arses for just a couple of minutes, you may realise that the M25 is not the edge of the Earth"

The Voice of the Underground is silenced | MetaFilter
The Voice of the Underground is silenced November 26, 2007 10:17 AM RSS feed for this thread Subscribe Emma Clarke the voice of the London Underground has just been fired for recording and posting some spoofs on her own website. "Mind the gap" no more. (To spare Emma's server and in case she is forced to remove the files for some reason: External linkage to streaming mp3's of these spoofs are below)

John Cleese was right. The Brits are losing their sense of humour.

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Michael said...

The Brits are losing their sense of humour? I doubt if the people responsible for this ever had one in the first place.

The Eternal Gaijin said...

The Underground and a sense of humour?
I think it's pretty funny when they announce that a train will be arriving; you know that won't happen, but they love to see our little faces light up.
Also any rail system that delays trains due to, and fuck I wish I could make this up, 'the wrong kind of leaves' on the track. You'd think every autumn was the first one.
I'm with you. No intentional sense of humour.