Friday, November 30, 2007

Minor Mulroney Update. Haven't Really Commented Before.

This is the gift that keeps giving.
Or getting re-gifted from year to year. Whatever.
Schreiber tells ethics committee about $500K deal with Mulroney
Karlheinz Schreiber wrapped up more than two hours of testimony before a Commons committee Thursday, saying Brian Mulroney was only paid $300,000 of a $500,000 business deal because the former prime minister did not hold up his end of the bargain.
The German-Canadian businessman appeared before a federal ethics committee to testify about his dealings with the former Tory prime minister. Schreiber said he made an arrangement with Mulroney to help establish a military vehicle factory in Nova Scotia. The project, known as Bear Head, was on behalf of Schreiber's client, German industrial company Thyssen Industries.
"Since he didn't perform, he didn't get the $500,000. Simple as that," said Schreiber.

Nice. He underperformed so he didn't get the full packet. Memo to Citibank.

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