Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh, right. I have mentioned them lately...

But I still feel the need to mention the Troofers (or Twoofers) again today.
Bronze Dog has a great post on the argumentation techniques and standards of evidence that the Troofers employ:

The Bronze Blog: Twoofer Rules
Whenever I debate twoofers, I notice that they seem to work under a fair number of implicit rules. A lot of them are like standard woo, but it seems to stick out a lot more when I read them.

1. Ad homenim is the basis of all reality: Broadest form of pretty much all these other rules: Who you are makes your argument valid, not the internal logic or physical evidence.

2. Evil = Power: Because Bush is evil enough to do something, there's no need to prove that the laws of physics would allow him to do that something. No need to worry about the administrative nightmare of managing thousands of rogue ninja demolition crews, either.

It just gets better from there. I've seen this over and over again at JREF.

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