Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hmmm, hypocrites? In the Fundie crown? You don't say.

Birth Pangs » Blog Archive » “The only moral abortion is my abortion”
Last month, Joyce Arthur reprised one of her most popular articles at DailyKos. It includes a collection of anecdotes from abortion clinic workers dealing with anti-choice women having abortions. Here’s an example:

“A 21 year old woman and her mother drove three hours to come to their appointment for an abortion. They were surprised to find the clinic a ‘nice’ place with friendly, personable staff. While going over contraceptive options, they shared that they were Pro-Life and disagreed with abortion, but that the patient could not afford to raise a child right now. Also, she wouldn’t need contraception since she wasn’t going to have sex until she got married, because of her religious beliefs. Rather than argue with them, I saw this as an opportunity for dialogue, and in the end, my hope was that I had planted a ‘healing seed’ to help resolve the conflict between their beliefs and their realities.” (Physician, Washington State)

A pretty stunning example of fundie logic, eh?

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