Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This could cause some blowback, dontcha think?

The geniuses in the US who thought of ideas like "last throes," "greeted as liberators, and "bring it on" have now decided that it might be a good idea to arm insurgents (!) in Iraq (!!) themselves (!!!) in order to get them to fight against Al-Qaeda (!!!!).
Now for those of you who might want to look it up, see how Osama Bin Laden got his insurgency experience in Afghanistan some 25-odd years back. Who armed him?
So what's going on in Iraq?
The US military in Baghdad is trying to portray the move as arming disenchanted Sunnis who are rising up in their neighbourhoods against their former allies, al-Qaida and its foreign fighters. But the reality on the ground is more complex, with little sign that the US will be able to control the weapons once they are handed over. The danger is that the insurgents could use these weapons against American troops or in the civil conflict against Shia Muslims. Similar efforts by the US in other wars have backfired, the most spectacular being the arming of guerrillas against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Major General Rick Lynch, a senior US commander in Iraq, insisted no weapons would be given to insurgents who had attacked Americans. "We have not crossed that line," he said.

Did he use the word "yet?" Cause that sure as fuck sounded like a yet-sentence.

US arms Sunni dissidents in risky bid to contain al-Qaida fighters in Iraq | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

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