Friday, June 01, 2007

I really wanted to avoid admitting to this

Dammit. P. Zed Myers over at Pharyngula has noticed that Alta. just opened a creationist museum. It looks like the product of the great Canadian decision-making process which, in the words of a university prof I had at good Ol' University of Ottawa (Go Gee-Gees!) goes like this: think small; divide by two.

Which makes P. Zed comments:

Ha ha, pathetic Canadians.

They've put up their own creation "museum"—just look at it. It's feeble. It's like someone took a cheap suburban ranch-style home and put a sign on it and started charging admission to come take a look at their knick-knack shelf. Ha!

Pharyngula: In which American superiority manifests itself!

Take a look at the picture; it's pretty pathetic compared to the glitz and glamour of the 'Merkan version.

And over at Canadian Cynic, CC has a post up about the whole deal.

Canadian Cynic: And for those of you who want an alternative to actual science ...

Any snark on my part could not possibly do justice to the eye-rolling ignorance on display in the general press release (dumbassitude emphasis added, as if that's necessary):

There are numerous themes presented in the museum displays including:

"Evidence From Geology" display which deals with the geological column, the fossil sequence and the profound evidence for a global flood such as the Quartzite boulders of the Cypress Hills in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

"Fossils and the Flood" is a fantastic visual arrangement that contains only genuine, museum quality fossils and a giant model of Noah's ark. The museum presents the answer to why fossils are profound evidence for the flood of Noah.

"Dinosaurs and Humans" display shows considerable evidence that not only did dinosaurs exist recently, but also that humans existed with them. This evidence is fatal to the evolutionary dogma which has dinosaurs extinct at least 60 million years before humans evolved.

I'm sorry ... if I read any further, I'd have to start stabbing myself in the eye with an ice pick or something...

Oh, and one of the comments at Pharyngula had a comment about a British cretinist museum: Creation Science Movement

I don't know if you really want to give them the traffic or notoriety, but hey if'n you need a giggle.

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