Friday, June 01, 2007

Holy Crap! Creationist vs Bronze Dog Argument

Bronze Dog and Weapon of Mass Instruction have a whack of back and forth in the
comments in this post:

Bronze Blog: An Interesting Thought

Reading it is like naming the colours
in an acid trip; they just keep speeding away from you. Bronze Dog is that one
friend who tries to talk you down from the ledge. Weapon insists that he can fly

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Bronze Dog said...

Heh. I'm glad you found the whole thing entertaining.

I had another, more recent troll that wasn't quite as fun. The whole thing was off topic, so I deleted the comments after copying them to another post.

The Eternal Gaijin said...

Quite the guy on the other post as well.
Lovely Xian charity being displayed. Love of all men, etc. Oh wait, love of men was one of the things he seemed to hate. And man on monkey action...
Entertaining in a cringeworthy way.