Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gor blimey, guv'nor. It might be the solution to all that ills us.

The London Underground system, in all it's glory is applying the best in mid-19th century technology to the 21st century problem of London's increasingly scorching summers.

Having passed last summer in London and noting how the buses hit 50 degrees and the Tube hit 44 or so, I frequently remarked on, expressed amazement at, and bitched about the total lack of air conditioning on the mass transit system in the city.

So this year they've come up with a plan that avoids the issue of any difficulties putting in air con by installing blocks of ice in the cars on the Picadilly line. I assume the contraption was designed and patented (that's pay-tent for my British readers) by Dickens himself.

Seriously, ice not air con.

I don't get to say, 'WTF?' nearly enough in an average day.

Tube trains to be fitted with blocks of ice to cool down passengers | the Daily Mail

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