Sunday, June 04, 2006

Okay, I'm not always grumbling about this place.

Today I thought I'd repudiate some of my previouse statements. But then
I realized I wasn't using the word properly.

1. Weather: Today it's absolutely beautiful. Direct from wholesale
2. TV: Tony Robinson and Terry Jones's documentary series are on a
lot. All the Futuramas that Canadian TV never plays (all but 4 in
other words) are on. Lots of Buffy and Angel. Sky TV is pretty cool.
3. Cars: Volkswagon Polo? Nissan Micra? Vauxhall Nova? Vauxhall
anything? I don't really know cars but these things are an
intruiging mystery.
4. Argos: Consumer's Distributing lives! The catalogue is great. You
still write down your number on the little slips and pick your
order. It's great! It's a nostalgia trip. /Cheap/ laser printers
too. (Cheap for the UK)
5. Beer: Brits love beer. Canadians do too, but we don't love variety
in our beer the way Brits do. They have some great beers here just
sitting around in the corner store.

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