Saturday, June 03, 2006

Grumbles and gripes

Some things that I've noticed since being here. Numbered, but not ordered.

1. Neighbours: There are some great people in the UK, but everyone
that you've ever seen in a BritFlick saying "That's got nuffin' to
do wiff me." as they see you lying bleeding in the ditch lives on
this street and the next two over.
2. Weather: Why do they hire meteorologists here? I mean
seriously...look out the window. You're in London. What do you
think it's doing? It's raining. Meteorologist is Greek for
3. Drought: Only England could possibly create the Rain Sodden
Drought. It's rained just shy of every day since we got here and
the drought continues. Where the hell does the water go?
4. Street signs: are all mounted at my knees. What am I, a hobbitt?
5. Smoking in bars: This just has to stop. Have you every been around
a smoker and they say something like: I really need a smoke. Let's
go to a bar. Of course you haven't. People go out to bars to be
with friends and to drink. If there's no smoking bars, non-smokers
will stay longer and drink more. Lose the smoking in the pub; I'm
trying to have a beer here.
6. There is no number 6.
7. Job applications: It's comforting that I get to write down my
religion so often. I know there are anti-discrimination laws of
some sort here. They only need my denomination for pre-screening
I'm sure. And my age as well. Oh, and my race. That's also
important to have on my application.
8. TV: Eh, it's okay. Takes forever to get set up.
9. Internet: Just about every broadband connection is ADSL and they
don't tend to tell you that they're going take weeks and weeks to
get it. Ordered on the 15 May. Still waiting 3 Jun. Nice, eh?
10. Housing quality. Oh, there's just no end of stuff to say. I do
like the fact that you can't tell the difference between a rich
neighbourhood and a slum by looking at the houses. Or the amount
of litter on the streets.

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