Thursday, June 22, 2006

A great lesson in the English

It's not a stretch to distinguish the English from the British. In a
sense there's no /British/ culture, rather British is a conflation of
several distinctive nationalities and several cultures with in each;
English is not Scottish is not Irish, in other words. Similarly, there's
a difference between Yorshire and Anglian, Essex and Liverpudlian.
We had some carpet laid down yesterday. One small bedroom needed new
carpet. My wife had prepaid the company for carpet, underlay and gripper
rails. The two man team showed up in the morning. One of the guys was a
miserable ghit. Barely spoke and looked at the dog like he was carrying
the plague (no particular plague, pick one).
Guess which part of the order they didn't install. The gripper rails.
And they tossed the old carpet and underlay over the rail to the
concourse below our flat (without looking). When I asked them not to,
they gave that English answer: It's got nuffin to do wiff me.
And the older guy, the miserble ghit, was a racist bastard...the second
he had a moment he started nigger nigger this, nigger nigger that, line
up the darkies and ...
Do yourself a favour over here, get a handle on DIY. Try not to use the
locals, unless they're Polish nationals.

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