Monday, April 10, 2006

Nova Scotia Day 3

So here we are at the end of another day.
I took a few notes at Duncan's Pub on Victoria Street, but still haven't
gotten them out of my daypack. (Try the Seafood Chowder if you're in town)
My grandfather is doing better, but still can't really stand on his own.
We're not sure if he ever will.
Bringing my grandmother up to see Grampy, we had to make sure that she
sat looking at his left side. Yesterday she spent all her time
commenitng on the razor cut on the right side of his chin. It seemed
that she couldn't focus on anything else when she was up yesterday. At
one point we started to giggle to ourselves about it.
Today, we had to avoid it. We actually wanted her to focus on the fact
that Grampy is sick.
Later in the day, Mum had to discuss the inevitable with him:
arrangements. Over supper we'd discussed it. And I'm glad she gritted
her teeth and asked him about his wishes. On some level, it's got to be
a worry for him as well, that his wishes might not be respected.
I still can't see improvement, in any real sense. And that makes these
visits all the more important.

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