Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Evolution self-censorship

In the Arkansas Times there's an article about teachers self-censoring to avoid the dreaded "e-word". I originally found it about a week back through the NCSE website listing Jason Wiles as the author of work on the topic.
And then I screwed up the posting. (A prouder person would probably say that Blogger screwed up, but I'm not that proud and I think it was me...) Probably as big a screw up was the fact that I wrote the post around a whole squodge of stuff I was doing at work and just sort of tacked a segue into Stephen Harper on the end. I'm not even sure it made sense to me. Anyway, cut to the end, I went to edit the post and lost it.
Since that time, the article has come to the front with Aetiology, The Education Wonks, and others. (none had much to say about the connection to Stephen Harper)
There is a real threat here, though. While it is the States, what happens to our American cousins affects us all. And it's not like we're immune here, as evidenced by Pharyngula's comments on Canadian nut-job and general reality-denier David P. Wozney. (Linky goodness to the details at Archy from Pee Zed's website).
Ignorance provides fertile ground to grow itself.

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