Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Flight to Nova Scotia

CanJet seems to be a reasonable way to travel. As a cut rate airline
it's decent. Let's face it Air Canada doesn't offer any more services
but will charge full service price.
My grandfather is ill again, or still, depending on how you view these
things. Lately, he's been in hospital more than out. He's one of these
old school guys who just doesn't seem to give up the fight, no matter
how much he may want to nowadays. At 90, it's really not that hard to
let go and decide to move on.
Or is it?
I don't know. I can think about it, but who knows anything until we're
there ourselves.
It's a sad time in the family as his health declines. My mother,
travelling with me, is quite distraught. She's not sure what to do. As
my wife and I prepare to leave Canada, this is one of the things I have
to do.
It's still tough to make the visit.
We land easily enough and a rented Altima gets us to Amherst.

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