Friday, March 20, 2009

The sickness creeps northward

No good can come of a Science Minister that can't say, "Yes, yes I do believe in evolution."
So what about Goodyear, our friend in Ottawa?
Is Canada’s Science Minister a creationist? | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Canadian Cynic: Gary Goodyear, meet shitstorm. Shitstorm, Gary.
'Canadian Science minister's coyness on evolution worries researchers' by CBC -
Hopefully he'll be embarrassed by the attention and step down. Cause we know that believing Xtians are quite good at doing the right thing.
BTW, can I just say that believing in evolution is like believing in atoms or oxygen. It's a fucking fact people.
I'm swinging more and more to the idea that we need to start to saying accept evolution when we question people on evolution. It seems that we are tacitly moving evolutionary theory, and science by association, from the empirical into the realm of belief.
The implication to the word believe is that the subject is actually a matter of belief, a choice the rejection of which doesn't really need backing up; the implication to accept is that the subject is one that is established. Think of the phrase "accept reality;" try saying "believe reality" and see if it is the same to you.
If we as skeptics put forward evolution and science as matters of belief we've moved onto the deniers territory and we're not going to win there. If we do that we're never going to stop needing these videos.

Kent Hovind's Age of the Earth Rebutted - HD version

I probably should plan posts like this one a bit more.

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