Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is there blood in the water or something?

I've been a bit surprised lately at the number of articles, posts and news stories supporting legalization of at least some of the currently illegal set of substances. Is the mood changing or is this just a statistical anomaly?
The Cato Institute podcast recently had a discussion about the problems facing Mexico due to the increasing power and lawlessness of drug lords and cartels and another on the science behind medical marijuana. It's hard to do that if you're not stating a position.
 The Economist (link to a related Boing Boing post) had a feature in its weekly podcast advocating legalization as the 'least bad' option. Let's face it, they're not a hippy, lefty rag.
Reason has had features advocating a change in drug policy lately. They're not exactly burnt-out granola huggers.
Hell, Penn Jillette posted a video pushing for pot legalization.
I'm waiting for Jello Biafra's old rant to be posted up again. Grow More Pot!
So what's going on. Has the inertia of Nixon declaring a war on drugs finally played itself out?
Is there a change in the offing?
Is this just a blip, a cruel ray of sunshine brought down to give hope to the masses just before nature send an even more Noachian flood of restriction their way?

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