Thursday, April 19, 2007

Up from the Station

It's hard to describe the walk up from Okamoto Station to our house.
Basically the hill is varying grades of steep to steeper so we've got a walk of about 15 minutes up and about 8 minutes down, which illustrates the degree of work getting up.
So far I've found it to be good exercise although it's a disincentive to going and picking up one little thing from the store.
I'll show you what I mean...
Coming out of Okamoto Station:

So you turn to the right and walk down the street to the level crossing.

Then the hill starts:

The bridge on the right is where the inoshishi can be seen from time to time. None of this has been the steep bit.
Moving on. This shrine is one-third of the way down the hill, but only one third of the way up:

So here we go into the steeper bit...

Now comes the part that's really difficult. This is where you really earn your beer when you get home.

And there's the dog waiting for me to come back with a bit of kibble.
Keep in mind, I skipped a couple of steps, but you get the idea.
It's a tough slog a few times a day, but it's getting a bit better and I think me legs are getting stronger, but walking down makes me think that my toes are going to be pretty blunt after a couple of years of this.

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