Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This is too true

A long time ago, as a student, I worked at National Defense Headquarters in Ottawa for a couple of summers. There was some political controversy or another was kicking around in the atmosphere when I was talking to one of the majors in the section I was working in. At that point the point came around that the government didn't represent the needs of the average person.

Now I've always maintained that people chuck that sort of phrase around to make a divisive point and try to disenfranchise others from the discussion.

I went a little ad absurdum at that point. Who were these average people? Farmers (what 2% of the population)? University educated? University un-educated? Civil Servants? Mechanics? Shitkickers from Kansas?

Everyone is part of a group that isn't average to members of other groups.

Bill Maher has a rant that is a wonderful defense of the elites, or maybe mere competence. Read it here: Say it loud: I'm elite and proud! |

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