Saturday, January 27, 2007

So I'm watching 24...

And the villain next door is Kumar from /Harold and Kumar Go to White
Castle/ (/Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies/ for those in the UK) So I'm
starting off not taking the terrorist threat du jour seriously. Sorry to
Kal Penn but he doesn't exude menace or gravitas.
Somewhere in the 3rd episode they pan past a bunch of terrorists at a
detention centre (let's leave the politics off for a moment) and I
couldn't help thinking to myself, "Gee, that guy looks like Shaun
In the 4th episode I realized the second he spoke almost unable to sound
menacing or Middle Eastern through a haze of Newfoundland accent that it
was indeed Majumder. And the threat of the nuclear bomb seemed to
dissipate. I half expected him to say something along the lines of
"Well, we're ready to blow up the infidels, now let's go club a baby
seal and eat some cod while drinking screech." or something else that
would load a bunch of cliches into a single sentence.
Still...nice to see he's getting work. Outside of /Harold and Kumar go
to White Castle Because They Got the Munchies/, I mean. (Kumar's
brother, Captain Inattentive)

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