Sunday, January 21, 2007

I know it's not polite but jeebus I can't help but love this:

Through Pharyngula <>:
I've had a bit to say about Kent Hovind (PhD in FlintstonePaleontology).
You won't have to scratch behind the ears too much before I'll cough up
that I think the guy is a dishonest sleazeball. I don't know if he
believes what he spews, but I can say he hangs onto it and voms it forth
no matter what. He's been shown again and again that his crap is false,
claims that he'll change his presentation, and neatly omits to.
So when he's sentenced to 10 years
for tax evasion and such I just get such a warmfuzzy.
By the way PeeZed Myers had a link to Shelly the Republican's prayer
to have Dr Flintstone get off (in a non-prison shower sort of way)

In related news the Canadian spy coin scandal of 2007 is over
<>. Still
think the Canadian Tire Money is legal, boys?

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