Monday, January 29, 2007

An ad I got through the postbox

Grumble begins.
I got this ad through the post with an ad for Molly Maid. (You
tell me the connection.)
The ad features a large sketch of Albert Einstein (and who could argue
with him?) over a back drop of stars.
The headline starts:
"We use only 10% of our mental potential." (Okay, weak start. I guess
you could look it up at Snopes or you could repeat
bullshit unthinkingly and unwittingly add a bit of personal credibility
to it)
The text continues:
The world-famous mathematician Albert Einstein made a startling
statement, "We use only 10% of our mental potential." (Did he even say
that? At best it's probably a misquote)
However he did not say how to improve this. (Mind you he was a
physicist. Not really his research area.)
Yet now L. Ron Hubbard (Yikes!) in his research (peer-reviewed, of
course) has not only proven these words to be true (didn't I already
link to Snopes?), but more importantly, he has also demonstrated how to
tap into the dormant 90% (Get those alien ghost-hanger-ons off you and
there you go) and increase confidence and well-being (or you could take
up sports).
/Dianetics: The Power of the Mind Over the Body/, by L. Ron Hubbard, is
the most important breakthrough ever made in the field of the human
mind. (way better than PET tests or the functional MRI)
Flip it over.
In his book, Dianetics, The Power of the Mind over the Body, L. Ron
Hubbard makes (up) startling discoveries about the mind. (Alien ghosts.
That's it! Now I need a navy.)It has long been known that up to 70% of
Man's illnesses are psychosomatic (caused by the mind)(Germ Theory is
just a theory after all ). Up till now, no one has been able to offer any workable solution to this.
(nor to perpetual motion. Wanna guess why?) In the book, DIANETICS, the
single barrier to the mind's capacities is revealed and examined in
detail (Alien Ghosts. No we're not a cult).
The application of Dianetics techniques can raise intelligence (raise? did anyone else see Tom Cruise's meltdown last year?), lower the rate of illness and mental pain and bring about a happier and more confident state of mind. (didn't I already suggest jogging?)
The best proof of DIANETICS' effectiveness are the thousands of reports and successes it has generated. Here is a new insight into the mind, showing that its full potential is far in excess of past supposition.
Rid yourself of these barriers. (Alien Ghosts. Now where's the pub?)

Okay, forget the sub-Pooflingers schtick.
Scientology pisses me off. I think the best exposure to the light of the
tenets and operation was the South Park episode. My wife, who is Roman
Catholic in a CandE kind of way, kept asking me "Is this what they
really believe?" especially when the subtitle /This is What
Scientologists Really Believe/ popped up. She couldn't accept the sheer
vacuity of the belief that were being espoused.
Reading through Operation Clambake ( you get the sense that this is a scam-cult worse than the old 'tithe ore burne' days of the Catholic Church.
With the recent activity of the Scientologists in the UK (including an brand new multi-million pound headquarters in the City, the financial district of London) I suppose it was fairly
obvious that I'd be getting something through the post eventually. None the less a worrying development.
Grumble ends.

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