Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm proud of Timmy's today

Today's lesson: when in doubt, vet who you sponsor a bit more thoroughly.
Tim Hortons backs out of anti-gay marriage event
Tim Hortons has reversed its decision to sponsor a Rhode Island rally held by a U.S. group that opposes same-sex marriage, after encountering fierce criticism for the move.

The August 16 event, organized by the National Organization for Marriage, is billed as a "Celebrate Marriage & Family Day." Held in suburban Providence, the rally is to include speeches, a cookout and a ceremony in which married couples are invited to renew their vows.

The National Organization for Marriage is a non-profit organization "with a mission to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it," according to its website.

It was formed in 2007 "in response to the growing need for an organized opposition to same-sex marriage in state legislatures," the site says.

when criticized, they looked into who they were getting involved with and walked away.
Well done.

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