Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, duh...

The current meme around these parts is to say that 1 in 20 drinks in bars is spiked with something or other, leading Andy Parsons to opine that it's a great excuse for bunking off work the next day as statistically speaking one of your drinks must have been spiked.
But, like the pissy peanuts in a bar studies, no one knows where these numbers come from. They just seem to have shown up one day in the manner of a stray cat and now you have to feed it and acknowledge it as your own.
And then some one checks it out.
Drink spiking a myth: WA study :
Drink spiking is largely a myth and far more likely to be an excuse young women use after they become heavily intoxicated, according to WA research.

A Perth study of suspected drink spiking victims found claims of being given sedatives or illicit drugs without consent are exaggerated and that alcohol is often the real culprit.
On average, people in the study had a blood alcohol concentration of .096 and reported having consumed between 3.8 and 11.6 standard drinks. The researchers said they did not identify a single case where a sedative drug was likely to have been placed illegally in a drink in a pub or nightclub.

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