Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Several years ago during my university days, a lady I knew got married and seemed happy, at least in the short term. Then my girlfriend and I didn't see her for some amount of time. I ran into her waiting for an OCTranspo bus and we got to talking. In the few months she'd been married to her husband, they'd come to a crisis of some form or another. She got out of it by becoming a born-again christian. Born-agains were a fairly rare species in Canada in those days. We re-established contact and the four of us got together a couple of times, but she'd become so annoying that we couldn't spend any time around her. Her personality had disappeared, replaced by platitudes and doctrine.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The Athiest Bus campaign had been going on here for a little while. Most people didn't seem to notice outside some mild interest in the media. In one of our local pubs I spotted a couple with a button from the campaign. We had a pleasant chat and the woman gave me her button, which I proudly display on my lumbar pack out and about town. I'm not fashionable.
But the point is that my stories tend not to really go anywhere.
Except that the athiest couple I would speak to again; born-again wives, like all doctrinaires, I could barely tolerate.
So this campaign launched by Answers in Genesis (no fucking link), that bunch of anti-education dweebs who, I'm assuming, could use Barbie jewellery as cockrings, have launched a reprehensible campaign stating, no implying involved, that atheism leads directly to murder.
New Humanist Blog: Creationist ad campaign suggests atheism leads to murder
Bizarre Christian Billboard Compares Atheism To Murder?
As always, P. Zed is there
If George Tiller doesn't matter to you, does god? : Pharyngula
Reverse it all and ask yourself: If only God matters to him, what do you?

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