Saturday, May 30, 2009

What value the truth?

Every so often my mum sends me an email giving me some kind of scare about health or the Moozlims! or some fucking thing. In return I send her a link to Snopes or Just Fucking Google It. There is a dearth of facts and truthful reflection on both sides of the aisle these days. As you may have notices when checking your blogs or email. (I will say this, in the last several years the right has had a more tenuous grip on the truth)
Everyone who has something to sell or shill is prone to alarmist proclomations and those whose bias it confirms are happy enough to take it as fact.
It behooves all of us to take it easy and figure out what is true and false before we jump all over something. Otherwise we're all going to run ourselves into the ground.

JAMES EVANS: Truth essential element | | Montgomery Advertiser
Recently I received an e-mail message warning me about a dangerous and vile movie called "Corpus Christi." According to the message, this movie portrays Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals. Believers are encouraged to stand together and protest its showing.

Guess what? There is no such movie.

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