Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slate takes on Oprah - or What You Liked the Fucking Polio, Part I've given up counting.

Oprah has jumped into bed with Jenny McCarthy. Let me rephrase that...nasty image. Oprah is now working with Jenny McCarthy to give her a platform to spout off on her anti-vaxx bullshit. It's nice to see someone stand up and call bullshit on that one. Why is Oprah Winfrey promoting vaccine skeptic Jenny McCarthy? - By Arthur Allen - Slate Magazine
Celebrities take on all kinds of causes. They campaign for presidents, and they rally to save the women of Darfur and the hungry masses of Bangladesh and Africa. Some of these appearances may do some good, while others are merely benign grandstanding. But wealthy, toothsome, vivacious, and sexy Jenny McCarthy's impassioned campaign is actually harmful. Why? Because she is spreading dangerous misinformation—and that could bring some once-controlled diseases back into play.
Slate will necessarily lose. It's Oprah, after all. We will all lose with them and with any of the brave who stand up to bullshit. But we'll lose bigger if we don't. Get WidgetThe Body CountJenny McCarthy Body Count

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