Friday, February 13, 2009

There will have to be some kind of pushback

With the continuing creep of the government into every aspect of daily life in the UK, the monitor and suspect culture is starting to have some critics who can do something about it, rather than critics who blog about it in one Firefox tab and surf porn in three others.
It starts at Boing Boing:
House of Lords damns British surveillance society - Boing Boing

And goes on thorough a lot of the Guardian, a newspaper that I'm getting more and more respect for.
House of Lords: rise of CCTV is threat to freedom | UK news | The Guardian
Henry Porter: Reaction to the House of Lords report on surveillance society | Comment is free |
Henry Porter: The police are forcing pubs to install CCTV | Comment is free |
Tension between right to privacy and authorities' desire for data | UK news | The Guardian

I mean, the pubs? I'm buying a V for Vendatta style Guy Fawkes mask and wearing that to the pub.

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