Thursday, March 06, 2008

Last Weekend...

Last weekend I watched two debates between Dinesh D'Souza and a more secular opponent. The first was Christopher Hitchens the other Daniel Dennett. (I have previously watched one between DD and Michael Shermer).
I do this so you don't have to. Trust me, don't.
It was the usual ooh big universe, oooh order, ooh god loves you crud, just at a higher, shriller volume. There's always some version of the cosmological argument (which is never all that convincing); there's some kind of teleological argument (which is less and less convincing). There's a weakly support fine-tuning argument (I seem to remember the Bad Astronomer blog had a bit of a debunk of that. Not verified)
Anyway, here's the debunk of ooh, order as an argument.

ABC News: Orderly Universe: Evidence of God?
Necessarily Some Order

Let me begin by noting that even about the seemingly completely disordered, we can always say something. No universe could be completely random at all levels of analysis.

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