Friday, September 28, 2007

Creationists strike back.

No matter how much time I spend on the intertubes, I just can't keep up with all the crap that falls out of the orang-utan run word processors of the right wing whack-a-doodles and the cretincreationists (yes, thank you, I do think that's clever). I can barely keep up with half the blogs that help me keep up with this stuff. So thank fully the denialism blog found this piece of Hovind-esque crap in the paper.

denialism blog : Creationists are idiots - Part 8,246,532
It's hard to even sort out all the idiocy, innumeracy, poor-reasoning and straw men arguments in this essay. But I think it illustrates, again, the fundamental dishonesty of intelligent design creationists. For one, none of us would make such incredibly stupid arguments that Sewell attributes to his evilutionist "friend". A computer simulation will never be sophisticated enough to model the whole planet and if it did, there is not some deterministic path that would replicate life as we know it. No one in their right mind thinks natural selection requires its own set of physics or is somehow inconsistent with the second law. And most embarrassing of all, Sewell fundamentally does not understand how entropy works, not even in living things apparently.

And that's just the summary. The article will roll your eyes so hard you'll see double for a week.
Note to morons: Reality is merciless. You have to confront it on it's own terms.
Bonus Funny:

onegoodmove: A Moment of House

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