Sunday, December 31, 2006

...and the world is still glad to be rid of him.

At about 3am GMT Saddam Hussein was executed, hanged by the neck until
It was an act of revenge, justice and politics that lowers the bar of
civilization for us all. It lowers from the moral high ground anyone
involved. Killing and revenge is a poor way to distinguish yourself from
those who kill and take out revenge.
Saddam Hussein was killed for 148 Shi'ite deaths, making him a martyr
for the Sunni cause now. On the eve of Eid. This cannot end well, if it
ends at all. He was never tried for the much touted gassing of the
Khurds in northern Iraq. Popular wisdom holds that it's because American
involvement and partial culpability would come to light. There is now
no-one to hold to account and no impetus to actually investigate further.
Look, he was a horrible, indescribably horrible little man who deserved
death and we will not miss him one bit. You can't defend his record.
But, capital punishment is counter-productive at its core. We (as the
West) had the chance to storm and occupy the moral high ground (that
phrase again), to show ourselves better, to demonstrate a better way. We
pissed it away.
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