Monday, August 07, 2006

David Byrne Journal: 8.2.06: American Madrassas

David Byrne Journal: 8.2.06: American Madrassas
David Byrne has a review of a movie called Jesus Camp which puts together the worst elements of Christianity and fundamentalism in a nice little re-education camp format and ships kids in for the summer.
Frankly the whole idea gives me the wigguns but apparently nobody is asking me what to do about the States these days.
But it does bring to mind the fundamental (ha-ha) hypocrisy of the ultra-religious: your fundamentalism is scary; ours is a reflection of solid values. Your martyrs are deranged whack-a-doodles; ours are on the side of god.
The inability to see that each reflects the other is amazing and reflects a cognitive dissonance of astounding depth. Fundamentalists from both sides are looking in a mirror. The rest of us realize they are the funhouse mirror image of ourselves.
In the meantime London is running out of water. This is hard to understand when you come from a country with half the fresh water in the world. How on earth does London, after New York the financial capital of the world, possible run out of water?
Florida has destroyed history education. I just can'tget over that in any way, shape or form. I read so much history and I despair when I hear of this sort of thing.
On the upside, my new job will start in a week, so I can finally get out of the house.

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