Sunday, May 28, 2006

Settling into the UK

So here we are 2 weeks into the UK and I still haven't been up into
London central yet.
I've been busy stripping wallpaper. Which is fine. I mean let's face it:
London is nothing if not home decorating.
We've kept ourselves busy day to day by going to B&Q (the local Rona
equivalent), cleaning, patching cracks in the walls and hopefully
getting the flat to look like what we want.
So the days, well they don't drag on but they certainly do take their time.
The other thing I've been doing is dabbling in self-employment.
I've started doing network and pc support for a local internet cafe. I
managed to hit the timing exactly right when his previous tech went
moved and became unavailable. My wife noted that they had problems with
their computers and approached the staff. The next day I was in speaking
to the manager and the day after that I was starting to service their
computers. It's amazing what you can get 40 pounds an hour doing...
And culture shock. It's not full blown but it's a whole other post in

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