Sunday, May 28, 2006

Made it to the UK

Around 0900h on 5 May 06, the Queen Mary 2 berthed in Southhampton, UK
bringing my wife, dog and I to the next stage in our lives.
Leaving Ottawa on the 27th of April my father trucked us down to
Syracuse where we picked up a rental car at the airport and stayed the
night at the Comfort Inn at the Syracuse Airport. From there we drove
down to Manhattan to stay the night in the Holiday Inn Wall Street.
Now you may think that's an odd choice of hotels. This may be true
enough but keep in mind out tag-along mammal. Finding pet friendly
hotels is a bit troublesome when you are searching from a different
country, so you grab the first ones that leap up to be seen.
After a 6 night Atlantic crossing we arrived in Southhampton, got a car
to Southfields. And then the work began:
There's a lot of cleaning to be done in the flat, redecorating of rooms,
painting and papering, not to mention a job to be found...
And that's the next while. Makes me wonder when I'll be able to actually
post this.

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