Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Battlefront in the War on Science

Sometimes you keep hoping that what happens in the States stays in the States. At least when it comes to the disrespect given the pursuit of knowledge.
Yesterday morning I got a bit narked at the front page of the Citizen. Not so much for the story about some professor studying the sex lives of squirrels (differential reproductive success, anyone? anyone? Bueller?), but for the fact that the guys study had been pilloried the previous day in Parliament as a waste of taxpayer money. I was glad to see that the Citizen actuall explained why it was a good study and had important potential influence on a range of policy issues.
This happened before with zebra mussels and I thought it was stupid of politicians (not known for the deeper knowledge or thoughts on anything) should be judging the possible effects of research.
I am not a scientific person. I do value expertise. I think experts are actually more qualified to judge value of things that take expertise.

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