Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Days I Hate My iPod

The other day the daily podcast was Dinesh D’Souza. I should have deleted it right away. I’ve seen him in debates a few times and he gives me aneurysms. He tends to think that louder is more logical and his over-reach in crediting Christianity with everything good that’s ever come along.

This particular eye crosser was a flagrant case of special pleading and conflations that left me wishing for a sprained nutsac to relieve the pain. The title was that D’Souza credited Christianity for India’s successes. Well listen to it for yourself.

Some part of me just keeps saying what the fuck?

One: How does this universal dignity of all men, white or brown, square up against the general pattern of history in India, or anywhere where the Portugese had a colony?

Two: Flock. Really? People flocked to Christianity? Currently 2.3% of the Indian population is Christian.The three states with a Christian majority (Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya) are all Northeastern, and were never colonized by the Portugese. Even in Goa, a Portugese colony, the Christian population is still only 25%, even with the forced conversions.

Three: The aforementioned universal dignity was also why people fled to Islam, because of its common Abrahamic root.  (13.4% of the population)

Four: When he says that India’s position in Western culture as an English speaking, technologically adept society…and that’s when I said fuck. Really, Dinesh? India is positioned at all in Western culture. A lot of Indian’s speak English, but seriously how the fuck can you count India as a Western nation.

Five: The point of four though was that D’Souza massively conflates Westernization and Western cultural influences with Christianity.

So I had a few extra questions.

  • Because of this influence of Christian respect and dignity for all, how’s India’s record of tolerance and and human rights?
  • Because it’s success is so dependent on Western (X-tian) what percentage of India’s leaders in business and politics are Christian?

Is this shit really worth writing about?

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