Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh, yeah. Faith Schools. That's a Great Idea.

At the risk of drifting into a sub-Lewis Black routine I'll just say that we ought to give this a bit of second thought before we let this shit continue.
Faith schools breed terror, says psychologist | Science |
The study – which he presented at the British Association Festival of Science in Liverpool - was done on extremist Islamist terrorists in India, but that didn't stop him speculating about the effects faith schools in the UK might be having.

"It seems to me issues like faith schools are terribly dangerous. The whole idea of setting up these divisions that are based on faith and recognising that is the starting point for people beginning to think of themselves as separate and distinct."

Look, there may be an argument for privatising education. I don't fucking think so but there may be one. But this shit is a hell of an argument against it. Maybe the best.

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