Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things I've learned during the X-mas break...

I learned a few of the following things and maybe a couple more...
Singapore is still a great city with great food and a lot of attractions for the tourist. Also, if you're at Boat Quay and the touts are getting on your nerves with their constant needling you to come into their restaurant and not the other guys', don't let your wife drag you into the Tex-mex place just so she can eat quickly get food and get away from it. The enchiladas are mediocre and the steak is tough. In a city of fantastic food, you can do better in the shopping mall food courts. Also, Durty Nelly's has good food at lunch, but nothing for supper. And Sentosa is a resort island that has a lot of stuff to do.
I learned that Oscar Peterson died.
I learned that American women are vacuous beauties and that English women are substantive trolls.
As a good Canadian, I would have said that Thinsulate or Polartec were the greatest inventions in the universe, however I have learned that the PS3 is now the single best thing that humans have ever created.
From Pretty Shaved Ape at Canadian Cynic, I learned that religious whack-a-doodles just can't help themselves and have to say undeniably stupid shit.
I learned that David Warren can't help himself either. But I repeat myself.
I learned that Mike Huckabee just can't help himself either.
I learned that the life expectancy of a Pakistani opposition leader goes up linearly with their distance from Pakistan, but goes down exponentially with their time back in the country.
I learned that Larry Bud Mellman died back in March. Hunh...
I learned that Italians tend to give a shit about the history of Christianity more than the so-called devoted folks in the US. They certainly understand the need to understand better.
I've been reminded that cdesign proponentists are mind numbingly repetitive.
I've finally learned to make shortcrust pastry by hand.
I learned the names of the 50 worst people in the States for the year 2007.
I learned a few more celebrity atheists.
Those are my big lessons of the last week. I wonder what the new year will hold.
Minna sama, yoi otoshi o!
Happy New Year and see you in January.

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