Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The last couple of weeks...

Winding down from work I've been off for a couple of days then on for a couple, then off for a couple more
The last of our decorating is now finished and I'm doing the touch ups. Next on the list is to sort out the unaccompanied air freight.
Last night however wasn't a complete something on my list night. I hooked a train out ot Ashford, Kent and caught up with friend JDF, who I hadn't seen since our trip to the UK in February two years ago. It was good to sit down, joke, and generally catch up on things from jobs to mutual friends still in Japan. And of course fatherhood. About 11 months back friend JDF joined the ranks of the breeders (hooray, a legally recognized marriage in Washington. No wait. He's been married for 8 years or so. Never mind, he'd have been annulled years ago) Anyway, he and his wife made a Mini-me. Life seems pretty good for him.
Friday I caught up with friend KP, one of the few Canadians I know in London. I've known friend KP since Tokyo when I first started dating my wife. With any luck he may come to visit.
The last of the packing, clean up and departure remains, not to mention shipping off the furry one. Please don't ask what it costs to ship a dog to Japan (overpriced) from the UK (overpriced).
And then it'll be a week in Ottawa and off to Kansai. I'm not sure how little sleep the next week will entail. I expect to be jetlagged until mid March.

--  From: 	The Eternal Gaijin 	Lost Somewhere in Wandsworth, London  	"Words Cannot Describe What I Am About To Tell You."

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