Friday, September 29, 2006

Okay, just knock this crap off.

Ah yes. All the Sturm and Drang of the foiled terror plot. The more you
read the more you think that there's no there there. When my folks
arrived over here they barely brought any carryon luggage because they
know they can't carry it back. You are free, however, to abandon your
carryons in the UK. Look for a big pile of abandoned video cameras in
Hyde Park stacked up like empties after a student's lease-breaking party.
The first person to really underscore the fact that this has to come to
an end was Wonkette

So why does Wonkette have a mad-on for these new security procedures.
Well, because they are the bullshit response to a bullshit threat:
There's a pretty good rundown of why there's no there there.

The Eternal Gaijin
Lost Somewhere in Wandsworth, London

"Words Cannot Describe What I Am About To Tell You."

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